Aims & Values

The Peacemaker Project is overseen by a Management Committee, which decides the directions and aims for the maintenance and development of our work.


WMQPEP exists to help create a more peaceful world, with more caring and resilient communities. We want a world where people are equipped to deal non-violently and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise. Our contribution to promoting a more harmonious society in the West Midlands is the development of peace-making behaviour of children and adults in schools.


Our work is grounded in the Quaker practices (known as testimonies) of peace, simplicity, truth, integrity, equality and the environment.

Peacemakers works for positive peace: more than the absence of conflict but the presence of peaceful beliefs and behaviours, of justice and inclusion as well as non-violence.

We respect every individual and value everyone’s contribution and actively reject discrimination of any kind.

We see education as a means of developing human potential, and healthy relationships as a foundation for learning.

We value quality in all our work and see learning as a lifelong experience. We are always seeking to improve our work, evaluation and innovation is therefore of central importance to us.

We value creativity in responding to the unique needs of each group.

Working Methods

Under its working name of ‘Peacemakers’ in schools, WMQPEP offer workshops and courses around the skills of conflict resolution, the building blocks of community and inclusion as well as the processes that are the building blocks for conflict transformation. We have a well-established 10 week peacemaker course and a three day peer mediation course that we offer widely throughout the region. In 2013 we completed a pilot into a ‘whole school approach’ to conflict resolution and relationship building, based on restorative approaches.


Groups and peace

Through the facilitation and training we do with groups, we aim to:

  • Have trained more groups, especially of students and teachers in schools within the West Midlands, so that more individuals have peace-making attitudes, values and behaviours.

Systems and Peace

Through the work that we are developing under the ‘Whole School Approach’ we aim to:

  • Have an increased understanding of a peacemakers ‘whole school approach’ and how to influence and facilitate change in a system such as a school, as well as more models to help more schools in the West Midlands to become more peaceful.

Us and Peace

Through the WMQPEP office we aim to:

  • Achieve an increased awareness of our work facilitating high quality peace education, that meets our values and principles, as well as greater awareness in the West Midlands educational context of the need for peaceful approaches to resolving difficulties in our schools.
  • Achieve a sustainable framework and funding so that WMPQPEP can achieve its objectives in line with our values.