The Team


Sara Hagel, Director

Sara has worked as Director at WMQPEP since 2009, prior to this she worked at an independent publishing house and at Amnesty International. With 30 years experience in the voluntary sector, she has a background in editing, training and human rights education as well as management.


Anna Gregory, Whole School Approach Coordinator

Anna, Regional CoordinatorAnna joined the team in May 2011 as the Whole School Approach Coordinator; she has developed Peacemakers’ Whole School Approach Project. Previously, she managed a Young People’s Peer Education service for Shelter. Prior to this, Anna worked freelance across primary, secondary, tertiary, alternative education, community settings and with ‘at-risk’ groups to design, deliver and manage creative education projects. Anna has also worked as an actor and brings lots of drama games and experience to WMQPEP – she is always on the lookout for an opportunity to forum a situation and put those facilitation skills to good work!


Jackie Zammit, Peace Education Trainer


Jackie began working at Peacemakers in 2011 on a freelance basis and now delivers Peacemaker and Peer Mediation courses to primary and secondary school pupils and designing and delivering training for school staff. Jackie has worked with young people on development issues for many years. She joined Peacemakers eager to work on peace and conflict as a key theme of global citizenship. With ample experience as an independent freelancer, she now values being part of the core team. “Some children find it difficult to express their feelings or to build meaningful relationships with the children or adults around them.” says Jackie “It is often those children who will say something unexpected or thoughtful, and give you something to think about long after the sessions have finished. I value those moments. The group dynamics change over the weeks and it’s great to see children’s confidence grow.”

Doreen Warner, Programme Administrator

Doreen joined the Peacemakers team as Programme Administrator in September 2017.

Freelance trainers

Lynn Morris

One of the Peacemaker Project’s most experienced trainers, Lynn has worked in Peace Education since 2004 and also works extensively in drama in education as a writer, director, performer and workshop leader. She loves adapting her drama skills to meet the needs of Peacemaker work and feels privileged to work in such a rewarding field-she has also got to know the city of Birmingham and its surrounding conurbation very well indeed!



Jaishree Patel jaishree2-150x150

With experience in international development, asylum/migration, teaching and facilitation, Jaishree joined WMQPEP in April 2010. Jaishree insists that her favourite part of Peacemakers is supporting young people to increase their self-esteem and develop confidence in their interpersonal skills. However, rumour has it that buying toys and playing games is the part that she enjoys the most!


Mike Ogunnusi

Mike joined the Peacemakers Project in 2011, and has quickly become very involved. With a background in youth and community development, Mike says he found the project appealing because he’d always been enthusiastic about peace education academically and professionally, and was pleased to have the opportunity to put it into practice.

“Once I’d found out more about WMQPEP, I became really enthusiastic about being involved in what was happening in the formal education setting,” said Mike. The primary age range, was a new and rewarding challenge for me. Seeing the processes in action while I was training was really motivational.”