Courses offered

The Peacemaker Project offers training to school communities in the West Midlands. It is usual for a school to commission Peacemakers and a two-day Peer Mediation training together, but they can be delivered as distinct courses. Prices quoted below are based on one trainer for one group.

Peacemakers Course

Cost £1,800(£180 per session) Duration 10 weekly afternoon sessions
Description A ten-week course working with a class or cohort to build social, emotional and conflict resolution skills. Delivered through weekly circle time workshops, this course is beneficial for each individual, for the class dynamic, and for teachers. Its aim is to help build strong relationship in the classroom and provide the skills to continue doing so. The course is tailored to the needs of each group by the trainer.Peacemakers is often a useful prelude to a 2-day Peer Mediation training.
  • Core Circle-Time skills
  • Active listening
  • Confident speaking
  • Cooperation in varied groups
  • Social confidence
  • Expressing feelings
  • Understanding others’ feelings
  • Speaking respectfully and affirmatively
  • The impact of language
  • Understanding conflict escalation
  • Dealing with anger
  • “Win-win” solutions

Peer Mediation Training


Cost £1000£665*

(*Discount while bursary funds last)

Duration 3 days
Description A three day course to train a new peer mediation team for primary or secondary schools. Whether the school is training a new cohort or establishing wholly new peer mediation scheme, this provides young people with the requisite skills to help their peers resolve conflicts.The cost is based on one trainer for a group of approximately 24 students.

Read our Peer Mediation Leaflet

  • When to use mediation
  • How to work as a Mediator Team
  • Assertive facilitation
  • The stages of mediation
  • Active listening
  • Understanding blaming language
  • How to stay impartial and non-judgemental
  • Sensitivity to feelings
  • “Win-win” solutions
  • Staying safe
  • Mediators’ concerns and anxieties
  • Promoting mediation in your school

Training Adults

Cost £400 (based on one trainer) Duration 1 day
Description Our trainers can provide teachers, learning support assistants, lunchtime supervisors and other staff with key skills to help them build successful relationships and use peace-building techniques. Through role-play and practice, participants can learn new ways to interact.
Can cover
  • Facilitating successful Circle Time
  • Supporting Peer Mediation
  • Approaches to student conflict for staff