Peer Mediation Training

Mediators have a marked impact on the life of their school, helping their peers to deal with conflict. We provide peer mediation training for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools, with a specially adapted scheme for special schools. We can help you set up a sustainable peer mediation scheme to help work with conflict in your school – whether you’re setting up mediation for the first time or wanting to refresh and maintain an existing scheme.

“All pupils value the role of peer mediators in resolving disputes and are sure they always have someone to talk to if they are in difficulty. As a result, pupils say they feel safe in school and their parents and carers agree.”


What is Peer Mediation?

Peer Mediators are students trained to help other young people to find a solution when they have a conflict, whether this be a playground row, fall out in the dinner queue or any other dispute.


Mediators go aside with the ‘disputants’ and take them through a tried and tested process. Mediators are good listeners and never take sides. Instead, they will elicit information and ensure that both disputants have listened to the other’s point of view before helping them to agree a creative solution that will make them both feel better. Because the disputants have arrived at the solution themselves, they are more likely to stick to it.


  • In schools that operate a Peer Mediation scheme, students report that they enjoy their role and that they make a difference to the community
  • When asked, 94% of children think mediation has made their schools better places.


Peacemakers Peer Mediation Training

Peer mediation requires mediators to develop a range of skills so that they feel confident in their role. Our popular peer mediation training package includes:

      • Training for approx 24 students and lead staff member for peer mediation
      • Resource pack for staff
      • 45 minute briefing for either lunchtime supervisors or full staff team
      • Follow-up ‘impact and evaluation’ visit and report
      • Invitation to a regional peer mediators conference

Some schools choose to run a shorter, reduced price two-day training after our longer Peacemakers course, which establishes many of the core skills mediators use.

What does the training cover?



Our training uses a range of games, activities and role play designed to focus on the skills and process of mediation.





Mediators are trained:

  • In the 4-step process of mediation
  • To be assertive in the way they manage mediation
  • To understand how conflict works
  • To listen actively and to summarise
  • In non-verbal aspects of communication such as body language and eye contact
  • In emotional literacy and talking about feelings
  • In finding neutral and non-judgmental ways to frame their language
  • In the elicitation of win-win solutions
  • To work as a team
  • In the expectations for them and disputants
  • In how to respond to a range of situations safely
  • In how to develop and promote the scheme across the school

What are the benefits?

For Students


  • A safe space to sort out arguments
  • A chance to avoid escalation and mend relationships
  • A more peaceful school environment
  • The opportunity to resolve conflicts independently of adults
  • The chance for individual points of view to be heard

For Staff

  • Less time sorting out students’ conflicts
  • Greater understanding of students’ experiences and relationships
  • Improved student behaviour

For Mediators

  • Confidence and social skills
  • Increased maturity
  • Support from a team
  • Skills for life
  • The satisfaction of helping their peers



A three day peer mediation training course usually costs £1,200, however, as with all of our work, we try not to let cost prevent schools from running courses if they wish to. We apply to a wide variety of charitable trusts throughout the year and, thanks to their generosity, we are able to run a bursary fund. Schools can apply to this bursary fund order to reduce the cost of running our courses. Please contact us for further information.