About Peacemakers

Good relationships lie at the heart of a peaceful school, as they lie at the heart of peace. At Peacemakers we help school communities to grow and develop by putting time and energy into building, maintaining and repairing relationships in the classroom, in the staffroom, in the playground and corridors.

Peacemakers courses help build class relationships through circle time, integrating the class and the teacher, and giving everyone conflict resolution skills for when those inevitable fall outs happen


Peer mediation gives students the skills to deal with conflicts in the playground. Our highly recommended training prepares students thoroughly in all aspects of peer mediation.




Staff training gives practical and advanced circle time skills to teachers and teaching assistants, gives a shared restorative language for dealing with conflict, as well as tips in modelling positive behaviour and using drama and storytelling in PSHE.



Our Whole School Approach is the most comprehensive way we work. If you would be interested in working with us in this holistic way, please click through for more details and how to get in touch.