About Peacemakers

Peacemakers educates for peace. Our highly experienced trainers work with both school staff and pupils to develop skills, knowledge, behaviour and systems that develop peaceful learning environments.

Our work can enhance your PSHE or SMSC provision, living out school values, help with difficulties around class cohesion, low level disruption and social skills.

Our work is inclusive, dynamic and experiential – and great fun! We tailor our work to individual schools, offering:

Peacemakers workshops providing children with the social and emotional skills to build relationships and resolve conflicts peacefully.



Peer mediation training pupils to resolve disputes between themselves.





Interactive CPD provision, training and resources to support the curriculum and develop essential emotional, social and conflict resolution skills with children and adults.




Our Whole School Approach develops skills to build, maintain and repair relationships. This combines all of the above with the development of a whole school ethos based on Restorative Approaches.



Learning for PeaceLearning for Peace supports Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural development with an emphasis on peace. Aimed at primary schools and offering a spiral curriculum and comprehensive toolkit of activities.