Peacemakers Course

Peacemakers courses help build class relationships through circle time, integrating the class and the teacher, and giving everyone conflict resolution skills for when those inevitable fall outs happen. With weekly circle-time sessions delivered by one of our Peacemakers trainers, students develop social and communication skills, emotional literacy and techniques for responding to conflict. Download the latest Peacemakers curriculum now.


What happens?

The course is 20 hours long, spanning ten weeks. With a combination of games, drama, group work discussion, the class goes on a journey in which they find out more about themselves and each other. Every course of Peacemakers is different because every class, every student is different. The Peacemakers trainer adapts the content for the skills and relationships evident in a particular group, making the Peacemakers Course a bespoke product.

The class teacher takes part in every session, gaining an opportunity to observe their class and continue to build his or her relationship with the group. They also receive a support pack, allowing them to build on the work between sessions.

Early in the course, the group gets used to circle time, using cooperative games designed to hone the skills and expectations they need to succeed. As they progress, classes then begin to explore ways to talk about their own feelings, and those of others in a safe way. Through a balance of fast-paced activities and opportunities to reflect, the learning is always fun. Every session offers an opportunity for affirmation.

Later on, the group will explore conflict and how they deal with this, practising ways to avoid escalation.

In many schools, Peacemakers also provides the foundation for a 2 day Peer Mediation Training, with the mediators drawn from the Peacemakers group.


What are the benefits?

Peacemakers is an investment in what OFSTED calls the the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. The course also supports many important aspects of the non-statutory curriculum such as PSHE, SEAL and Citizenship, as well as encouraging speaking and listening and drama skills.

Outcomes include

  • Students learn how to cooperate with any peers
  • To encourage pupils to recognise their own worth and value and those of their peers
  • To develop empathy – the ability to share discuss thoughts and feelings with respect
  • Circle Time offers a space for “student voice” to be heard
  • Stronger communication skills such as speaking and active listening, taking turns to question, hypothesising and critical reflection
  • Students develop self-knowledge and enhance confidence and self-esteem
  • A stronger sense of equity, class-cohesion and community
  • Teachers learn more about their students
  • Students develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills and techniques
  • To develop trust, responsibility and other qualities of character
  • To create shared rules endorsed by pupils, including sanctions and rewards which promote positive behaviour
  • To help pupils engage in personal reflection and clarify their own values.

Pupils say Circle Time helps to:

  • get to know more people
  • stop calling people names
  • stop bullying


The full cost of the Peacemakers course is £2,000, however, as with all of our work, we try not to let cost prevent schools from running courses if they wish to. We apply to a wide variety of charitable trusts throughout the year and, thanks to their generosity, we are able to run a bursary fund. Schools can apply to this bursary fund order to reduce the cost of running our courses. Please contact us for further information. Bursaries of up to 50% may be available.